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July 04, 2014

Day Trading

*** Strongest vs Weakest EA ***

This day trading strategy is pretty simple. Based on my Indicator (Pair Strenght Analyser), EA opens trades when it detects that a currency is getting strong versus the weakest.

For example if USD is leading all over market while EUR is the weakest, at some point, EA will enter short.

This strategy using relative Force allows to enter the right direction... however, we never know how strong will be the move.... so it fails sometimes.

Money Management:
The EA will stop to trade as soon as 3 winning trades are reached per day.
  • SL 40 pips
  • TP 50 to 100 pips
  • Trailing Stop


*** RSI EA ***

This EA uses the overbought & oversold strategy given by RSI: one of the most used indicator on Forex.
The idea is to sell while RSI is extremely high or buy while RSI is extremely low. (usually the 20/80 level)
Usually that kind of robots are based on only one timeframe, the one provided by the chart itself.

The new idea is to get multiple RSI signals on various timeframes at the same time in order to improve the momentum.(Getting better price for entry trades)

More details about this strategy can be found: [ Here ]

As the owner of this thread warned it, this strategy works well but high impact News must be avoided. Therefore, RSI_EA is now linked to Forex Calendar via FxCal Indicator. RSI_EA stops to trade automaticaly for 2 hours whenever high impact news are released.

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