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March 23, 2014

EA Presentation

What is FX CrazyTrader EA? 

FX CrazyTrader is not a simple EA, it's more like a Combo EA. A basket of different FX strategies such as: 

What can we expect from FX-CrazyTrader EA?

FX-CrazyTrader is my own strategy fully automated that I'm trading manually every single day. This strategy has been invented from my perception of Price Action on Forex market. It's the result of  5 years experience trading.

This strategy is aimed to take advantage of price movement on forex. Being automated it allows to pick the right currencies to trade at the right moment in the right direction.

FX-CrazyTrader' goal is to be profitable every single day even if market is quiet while market is waiting for a news that could have a significant impact into Forex.

FX-CrazyTrader EA average Pips/Day is +90 Pips

What can we expect from an Expert Advisor?

The name of my automated strategy is called FX-CrazyTrader EA. An Expert Advisor (EA) is a robot that simply executes what it is programmed for. A robot scans Forex market each time price refreshes on the MT4 platform. Whenever all conditions are met depending on the strategy coded, the EA can place orders on the market. It manages trades untill it closes them.

As Fx market is opened 24 hours a day 5 days a week, it can be necessary to ask a robot to do the job instead of staring the screen untill an opportunity comes up. A robot never get tired, it does not get bored by repetive tasks, it can't be distracted from anything else. The most important thing is that a robot doesn't feel emotion while trading.

It analyses real time data and will enter trades only when all conditions required are met at once.

Still and always in process

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  1. I have carefully read this article. By the way, my broker OctaFX support EAs trading as well as Scalping that is why I want to buy a robot from you. So can you please tell me about your robot price and how much time can I use this robot? Also can I use this feature to my demo account?

    1. Thank you for your interest and sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately at this stage, my EAs are not for selling. Actually I don't think they will be but when they will entirely satisfy myself as picky I can be, it would be possible in future to Autotrade them.