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June 20, 2015

My favorite trading style: M&W Pattern VS Sentiment Traders Analysis

On CrazyTrader Website; you can purchase both of my homemade brand Indicators

  • M&W Pattern Indicator (MT4)
  • Sentiment Traders Indicator (MT4)
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  • Download PRZ EA (Free trial until august 2019)

Lesson 1: Theory with UsdJpy - November 2016 (US election)

In green, we notice that market has drawn a M Pattern (Daily) on an important psychological support around 100.00
Then market kinda ranged anf formed multiples higher low... until US election.
That day, market went suddenly down and finaly reversed and formed a nice bullish pinbar reversal.
In the maintime, Crowd started to sell this pair and were already over 70% shorts.

Pre signal of potential bullish move is the M pattern.
Then a strong trend took place and Crowd were fighting against it.

This opportunity was awesome... In order to discover future signals like this one. You need to apply and combined these 2 strategies.

At that time, TAC EA was running, and made a nice performance.
While this time, TAC EA entered 23 times long against the Crowd and made around + 1000 pips: