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July 04, 2014

Scalping EA

*** The French Algo EA ***

I was working on scalping EA when I discovered a very interesting strategy based on standard indicators... I decided to go live straight away... let's see how it goes.

Setting parameters:
  • SL 40 pips
  • TP over 100 pips
  • Close function if Equity reaches x% of balance

*** Dashboard EA ***

Dashboard EA is automatically activated right after a red news if some conditions are met. EA will trade only if whole market seems to be impacted. So EA opens some pairs listed into dashboard. Pairs listed are supposed to be the most trendy pair at current moment. "Power" (7 is maximun; very bullish // -7 very bearish.
The good thing about this dashboard is it's never wrong, but it doesn't provide specific or technical entries. (just trend identification and we never know when market is about to reverse.)
For years, I have noticed a simple fact... Why there is trend? Simply because a bench of news goes into the same direction "x" times in a row.
So the idea is simply to enter into the trend identified when a red news is supposed to affect market.

Setting parameters:
  • SL 25 pips
  • TP 45 pips

*** NFP EA ***

This EA hs been created to trade mainly very high news impact like NFP

Setting parameters:
  • SL 15 pips
  • TP 15 to 100 pips

Free download [ here ]

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