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July 04, 2014

My FX Pattern Indi

I trade my own Pattern on Forex Market. A Pattern is simply a repetitive structure that market leaves behind itself and visible on charts like the most famous one (Head & Shoulder, Double Top,...). My pattern occurs pretty often which is an advantage from the classical Pattern. The End of the Pattern always provides a nice opportunity regarding Risk/Reward. This strategy works for any pair on any Timeframe.

Download My Fx Pattern Indi [ here ]

Available: Yes
Trading Style: Day trading to Swing (depends on timeframe)
StopLoss: 25 to 50 pips
TakeProfit: 15 to 600 pips (depends on timeframe)
Pairs Traded: Any
TimeFrame Traded: H1 to Daily
Frequency: Up to 5 trades/week

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