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February 02, 2014

More M & W Pattern


Looking for Double top or Double bottom with M & W Pattern

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From now, I identified Supports & Resistances given by "M & W" Patterns into my portfollio:

Funny patterns:
NZDJPY Monthly chart
Universal patterns... Center Point is the same line for both !

More examples?

NZDJPY H4 12/29/2014

EURAUD H4 11/13/2014
Closed Long position M1 (+325pips) by W1
Closed Short position W1 (+325pips) on M2
Current Long position: +400pips

CADCHF D1 11/21/2014

AUDNZD D1 11/21/2014
Closed Short position (+375pips) by M signal
Long trade: SL hit (-50pips)

USDCHF H4 11/17/2014
SL hit @ Breakeven

EURNZD H4 11/11/2014
SL hit

GBPCHF H1 11/10/2014
SL hit

NZDJPY Monthly chart
Double W pattern on Daily 11/11/2014
A close above this W resistance around 90.00 could confirm the W Pattern in progress on monthly chart (first picture)

GBPUSD H4 11/06/2014

AUDCAD H4 11/04/2014
Closing Short and going Long on the new M

AUDUSD H4: 11/03/2014
What happened?
 Center Point provided the confirmation of the Sell Signal:

GBPCAD H4: 11/03/2014
So now we are short on W Pattern as expected: 11/04/2014


  1. This Is so Cooooollllll!!!.. i didnt see this page before.. :aaarrrgh:

    1. Hey, "Trade of the Week" has only been created 1 week ago.

      I will try to post every single week one opportunity to trade.

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