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August 30, 2014

Swing EA

*** Trading Against the Crowd EA ***

What is the difference between Community Outlook and other Sentiment Traders sources given by other brokers?
Myfxbook is a community of Traders from the world that belongs any brokers, while SSI or any other sources from specific brokers aren't representative because 80% of their clients belongs one part of the world. Therefore, it can't be reliable as the one provided by MyFxbook.

It's a contrarian Indicator.
  • If the majority of traders are shorts, we would expect price to continue rallying
  • If the majority of traders are longs, we would expect price to continue falling.

What Sheep are you?
Posted on September 2014

What about 4 months later on?
Posted on January 2015

... And you, what kind of sheep are you? Don't waste your money figthing the trend like a StarSheep Trooper...
Better to be the Sheep of Wall Street.

How often do you use Sentiment of Traders to trade Forex?

  • Please send your vote [ Here ]  

Result from last pool: 26 voters:
Most of traders don't use this tool to trade Forex.


How to use Sentiment of Traders properly?

  • Many traders think they know how to read and get valuable information from it. This indicator looks easy to understand. In fact it's misleading and they don't know how to use it. If you don't use it, it simply means you probably don't know how to use it correctly.
  • Find out [ Here


Compare Sentiment Traders VS Opened Trades? (Live Data) 

  • If the crowd is mainly Long, EA might in some conditions take the opposite trade (Short)
  • If the crowd is mainly Short, EA might in some conditions take the opposite trade (Long)





Select your Package EA

* The license expires after a year. The annual license fee is $100

Notice: Only Full Premium EA is now available for retail traders until I meet a real investor to work with exclusively.

Full premium EA:
The license is offered the first year.
Refer 1 friend and get 1 year license for free.
Refer x friends and get x years for free.

Check out realtime Performance 2015

See links on
  • Myfxbook [ here ]


FAQ: About the EA

Can I use this Indicator for my EAs?
- Any Package can be used for your own EA. You have to refer to global variables provided by the Indicator.

Can I get the mql4 source file?
- No, you receive the Expert file only.

Can I backtest this Indicator?
- No, Myfxbook Community Outlook is real time data, therefore it's not possible to backtest it.

Does it store data to get historical data on Outlook?
- No it does not. This indiator doesn't store any data.

When does it refresh Outlook?
- This indicator refreshes Outlook every 2 minutes.

What about the Support?
- It is free and lifetime. Any questions or suggestions are always welcome.

How many accounts can get to run EA?
- You can ONLY run this EA into one account (MT4 Login)


FAQ: How to install Trading Against the Crowd EA


1) Copy the file into C:\Program Files\YourBrokerFolder\MQL4\Experts*

2) Make sure your MT4 broker Build is over 660: Menu -> Help -> About

3) When you attach the Indicator to the chart, make sure Allow Import DLL is ticked into General tab

4) Allow Myfxbook URL into the WebRequest list: Menu -> Tool -> Option -> Expert tab

5)  Restart MT4

6) Change Timeframe if nothing appears on the screen once the EA is attached (wait untill 2 minutes)

* It works like an EA because it uses WebRequest function, so this Indicator goes into The Experts Folder!

Feedbacks from clients


  1. Hi George,
    Can this RSI EA be used on 4-digit broker?
    My broker requires minimum TrailStop of 15pips. Does this matter to the EA?


    1. Hi,
      It should be fine on 4 or 5 digit broker.
      I use it on ECN broker with very low spread and my SL = 10 pips.
      You can set up SL = 15 pips as you like.


    2. Hi George,
      I had made purchase through paypal. Confirmation number is 35771819748981034.
      Could you please check and send the EA to my email? Thks


    3. Thank you for your order, I sent you an email. Cheers

    4. Client refunded, My EAs doesn't work for 4 digit brokers.

  2. Hi George Have just purchased the Asset Indicator on Paypal transaction ID 9E5877471G277051B. Could you please check and send to paypal email. Thank you