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June 11, 2014

Detailed Daily Signals

Reading carefully other data on emails can be essential:  Example

NZD= +6
USD= -9
TP= Total Points= abs(6)+abs(-9) = 15           *abs( ) = absolute of value; absolute is always positive.
R_Cur1= Ratio_NZD= abs(6)/48 = 12%
R_Cur2= Ratio_USD= abs(-9)/48 = 18%
=> When sell signal was issued, NZDUSD represented 30% of Price Action among the pairs monitored.




Let's talk about Daily Signals issued from EA

Original Signal received on 06/13/2014: SHORT 
Get Alerted in realtime: Subsribe to the AUDNZD Chart

Trade: -30 on 07/25/2014

Original Signal received on 06/13/2014: SHORT
Get Alerted in realtime: Subsribe to the GBPCHF Chart

 Trade: + 91 pips (06/31/2014) 

=> Trade Reversed: Long @ 1.5173 (06/31/2014)
 Trade: + 100 pips (07/03/2014)

Original Signal received on 06/13/2014: SHORT

Same story... GBP is very bullish right now, market could break up that resistance.
On 06/16/2014: GBPUSD has hit 1.7010 but still under the resistance level.
As Expected, GBP is too bullish and has hit our SL. (We had time to Break Even)
Trade: -50 pips (06/19/14)

Original Signal received on 06/11/2014: LONG

Unfortunately, SL has been during asian session as NZD was still extremely  bullish.
Trade: -50 pips
=> In such case, Signals will be reversed from now!


How does it trade FX News?

I don't send these signals by eamil as market moves too fast when news are released. We could implement AutoTrading service if enough traders are interested.

News for AUD on 03/07/2014
 Performance: + 154 pips
 Notice: EA has been a little bit tweaked this morning, so the 2 last trades (AUDCHF & AUDCAD) could have been opened into the strong current Price Action. Next time, in similar conditions, EA will do better. It could have been for this morning: +254 pips. (Avoiding 38 pips loos and winning 60 pips)

News for NZD on 26/06/2014 
Performance: + 70 pips 
News for GBP on 24/06/2014 
Performance: + 44 pips 
Such a same that EA has opened Short EURGBP few seconds too early otherwise it would have entered Long and EA could have closed around +60 pips. The Stop on EURGBP wasn't hit (0.8028) and we finally exited @ entry price level.

News for CAD on 20/06/2014
Performance: + 60 pips

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