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January 25, 2014

MyFxbook Autotrade: Strategy 2

I have developped a new approch to detect opportunities on Fx Market that uses the concept of relative force in between risky assets.

The main Fx market's risky assets are EUR, GBP, AUD & NZD.
- Whenever these pairs vs USD are bullish (up trend), that's because traders (Global market) believe in risk appetit.
- If USD is strenghtening vs thoses pairs, it's called risk aversion.

The relative force between 2 risky assets are the following currencies' confrontation:

This strategy is supposed to take advantage of the relative force that exists between 2 risky assets whatever the conditions market are (risk appetit or risk aversion).

What is relative force:

This means that if one currency moves in a certain direction and the other moved it twice the distance, then the ratio of the relative force is 1:2.

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