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September 10, 2013

Scalping EA

This EA (Expert Advisor) is built to take advantage of the volatility of forex market. The EA is constantely checking if a price action is occuring on the particular pair that the EA is running on. It opens orders in the direction of that new trend and only if all conditions are met. 

This EA is supposed to take some profis over a short term period. (few seconds to 2 hours)


- Money Mangement (automaded calculation of the lotsize depending on the free margin.)
- Patial close (if a trade is not going in the right direction after a defined time, EA closes % of the trade.)
- Fast close (if a significant profit is acheived under a very short time, EA closes totally the trade)
- Dynamic TakeProfit (EA adjusts the target to maxime profits)
- Trailing Stop (EA makes sure that if the trend reverses, it still closes trade with little profit)
- Trading at specific time (Allowing EA to trade into whenever the market seems volatil)

Draw Down shouldn't exceed 10% of the capital
max SL: 12
min TP: 19 max: 38


Account Deposit: €1000
Start time: 2013 9th September

What's Autotrading?

A trading strategy where buy and sell orders are replicated automatically to the subscriber's account from the provider forex signal based on an underlying system or program. The buy or sell orders are sent out to be executed in the market when a certain set of criteria is met.

Forex signal Provider based models offer traders the opportunity to follow previously successful signal providers or strategies with the hope that the advice they offer will continue to be accurate and lead to profitable future trades. Traders do not need to have expert knowledge or ability to define their own strategies and instead can select a system based on its performance to date, making Forex trading accessible to a large number of people.

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