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September 29, 2013

About me

Just passionated by Forex market.

Over 7 years experienced into Fx market... Started from scratch. I also learnt how to code EA and Indi for MT4.

I'm not smarter than anyone, I have wiped out many accounts at the beginning. This is the price to pay to learn from errors. Forex Market is surely a great opportunity for investment but it's also very risky.

I support any kind traders as much as I can. I share some of my technics & experience. I also provide my Technical Analysis for a lot pairs that you can subscribe to be alerted in realtime for swing trading opportunities.

At first, I created this blog to present my money management system. In theory it's so great, but in practise, market is so unpredictable that it is pretty hard to acheive it. Now I don't even use it anymore.

I had  a dream when I was younger. It was to live this life without working. I had no idea for 20 years how I could acheive this until I got involved into Fx.

I red a quote somewhere from a famous trader saying that fundamental traders got famous but  technical traders, none of them never got that level. Well, I like challenge and I have again my whole life to make this quote has been or old fashionned.

My favorite trading style is clearly (TAC) as it suits my own personnality. Then we have this M&W pattern + my Fx pattern.

Nowadays I manage various accounts with different strategies. Always looking for a new one to diversify my portfollio. I consider myself as a swing trader but I have recently started to build scalping EA (June 2015).

Don't hesitate to add me on your favorite community and like my facebook page for supporting me and be alerted for any future good news:

    As usual...Enjoy trading : )

    Alias PipsFestival

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