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October 07, 2012

Video of My Money Management System

EURUSD from May 31 2012:

(Sorry for the bad quality)

The purpose of this video is just to show the 3 steps i try to do. Also, look at the TP & SL movements when orders are created or when price  is increasing or decreasing

  1. At the very beginning, long order is triggered (Step_1)
  2. We start to reverse hedge (Step_2) with a short order (lotsize*2)
  3. Order 1 closed at breakeven
  4. We start to reverse hedge again (Step_3) with a long position (lotsize*2)
  5. Order 2 closed at breakeven
  6. We trade with the trend with the last order... we take profit!

From Step_2, the Money Management System will close if both orders = 0.

Detailled from the Hedging Strategy combined to the MMS

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