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October 05, 2012

Trick N°1

As soon as your Short trade is upper your Long trade and you apply the SL & TP from the MMS you can chillaxing because whatever happens in the FX market, you can't loose any money.

In fact, the most difficult thing to do in the MMS is to get the largest "Pips DIFF" (Pips between the 2 orders). The more it is and your SL is far away from market current price.

So having 100 or 200 pips up from your first order (STEP_1) can be hard to achieve sometimes especially when the market is not in a trendy move for example.

So before considering your second order like (STEP_2), you can use the scalping strategy (without the reverse martingle) to get a Pips DIFF higher and higher.

Pips DIFF > 75 pips, it could be timing to trigger STEP_2 if you see some bounces coming

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